The Storm Chaser

Dir. Jack Pirie

Director's Notes Premiere, Film Shortage Weekly Feature, Sidetracked Magazine
Indy Shorts Official Selection

The Storm Chaser from writer/director Jack Pirie. Storm-chasing legend Thomas Traversa embarks on a perilous journey in search of a mythical storm, the likes of which the world has never witnessed.

    Written & Directed by Jack Pirie
    Featuring Thomas Traversa
    Executive Producer
    Producer: Lucy Benson-Brown
    Production Designer: Simon Kuhn 
    Asturias Fixer: Bea Sainz
    Asturias Production Assistant: Susana Santamaria
    Cinematography: Will Billany
    1st Assistant Camera: Lloyd Cook
    Jetski Driver & Stills: Pierre Bouras
    Additional Windsurf Photography: Luke Raistrick
    Windsurfing Cinematography by Jamie Hancock
    Camera: @onestopfilms
    Offline: @tenthree_editing
    Exec-Producer: Julian Marshall
    Edited by Iain Whitewright
    Assistant Editor: Jules Bayer-Crier
    Sound Studio: Factory
    Sound Design and Mix by Mark Hills
    Factory Producers: Sadie Poole, Beth Massey
    VO Recording Facility NStudio Lisbon
    VO Engineer Hugo Romano GuimarĂ£es
    VO Producer Alex Hylands-White
    Original Music Composed by Alan Myson
    Grade and Online Facility: Cheat
    Colourist - Toby Tomkins
    Online Editor: Burak Atay
    Flame Work: Tim Mellem
    Cheat Producers: Lisa Fox, Sarah Banks
    VFX House: Primary VFX
    VFX Supervisor: Joe Thornley-Heard
    2D Supervisor: Steve Hawken
    Lighting Supervisor: Jem Grimshaw
    2D Lead: George Lewis
    Compositing Artists: Sarah Godden, David Thomas
    3D Lead: Lorinn McCaul
    3D Animator: Mani Sandhu
    3D Generalists: Laurie Cope, Amy Dolphin
    VFX Production Assistant: Emily White
    Thanks to Lawrence Stafford and Finisterre

    With special thanks to Thomas, Sophia, Lola and Pauline Traversa.