BID & Privacy International

Clients: BID / Privacy International
Dir: Lorenzo Sorbini
DoP. Will Billany
Producer. Elisa Smith / Harmit Kambo
1st Ad. Molly Hunter
1st AC / Focus puller. James R. Williams
Gaffer. Krunal Saadrani
Spark. Tome Ferreira
Sound op. Russ James
Art Dept. Isabel Butt
Actors. Daniel Norford / Marlon Kameka
Editor. Lorenzo Sorbini
Colour. at Cheat
New business Exec. Mike Coley Culkin
Colourist. Caroline Morine
Colour Producer: Dominic Strachan
VFX. Chapter3 - Will Butcher
Sound Design & Music. Sebastian Welford

The UK Home Office and Capita are expanding the Hostile Environment policy through the use of oppressive surveillance technology.

People who are not British citizens can be forced to wear GPS tracking devices for an indefinite period so that the Home Office can track their location 24/7.

We've used an actor to protect the anonymity of the real person whose words and experience of wearing a tag are featured in this film.

Join our fight to end the racialised surveillance of non-British people, and let's protect the rights of everyone in our communities.

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